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Manning Village Off-Leash Dog Park

Located in the Ebbers neighbourhood on Ebbers Boulevard and 144 Avenue, Manning Village Off-Leash Dog Park is a fully fenced park where dogs of all sizes can come to play. Please use proper etiquette by keeping control and sight of your dog, clean up after your dog, and beware of the possiblity of wildlife such as coyotes. 


2 Double-Gated Entries/Exits


Trash Receptacles

Doggy Poop Bags

On-Street Parking


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Pictured Above: Aerial view of the Off-Leash Dog Park

No Parking sign on a pole indicating no parking is allowed

A Note about Parking

While On-Street Parking, is available, please note there is no parking on the street near the intersection of Ebbers Blvd and 144 Ave. By parking here, you block the new turn lane, endangering others.  Please drive the additional required distance where legal parking is before disembarking your vehicles for the park. A path is paved and maintained around the corner near the intersection of Ebbers Blvd and Ebbers Way.  

Diagram showing where not to park on Ebbers Blvd for access to the Manning Village off-leash dog park