Purchase a membership

All Memberships run from Sept 1 to Aug 31st. So a new membership is always due Sept 1st of each year. We encourage you all to order online in order to practice proper social distancing.

Direct from Hairsine Community  League Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues
25.00 per card

20.00 for seniors (must be done in person )

25 per card plus an additional $5.00 charge when purchasing online. Total cost will be 30.00
president@hairsine.ca http://www.efcl.org/membership

You can buy your membership online anytime or purchase in person at any Servus Credit Union

You can also contact our Membership Director Jamie Bell at president@hairsine.ca

During the winter months ( Dec -Feb) the hall is open (weather dependent) Tues-Friday 4-9 PM and Sat & Sun 4-9 PM

At its simplest, a Community League is a group of your neighbors who volunteer to organize events, activities, and programs in your community, such as soccer, drop-in programs, winter festival, summer BBQ, etc. The first Community League formed 100 years ago and today, there are 158 Community Leagues all across the City. Everyone in Edmonton lives within the boundary of a Community League.

When you purchase a Community League membership, you help your Community League bring residents together, improve community amenities, and enhance the quality of life for you and your neighbors. Community Leagues do this through organizing recreational, education, and sports programming, hosting community parties and events, developing amenities such as spray parks, playgrounds, sports courts, community gardens, and community league halls, and by being the voice of the community when it comes to civic matters that impact your neighborhood.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Networking with your neighbors
  • Free swim times for community members. (Remember to bring your membership card.)
    • Clareview Centre Saturday 6-8pm
  • Free events thru out the year at the Hairsine Hall
    • Family Day Skate/Shinny Hockey ( Feb )
    • AGM Event ( May )
    • Volunteer Appreciation / Soccer Tourney ( July )
    • Community day event ( Sept )
    • Winter Festival meet Santa ( Dec )
  • Having direct access to the latest community news
  • Free skating on Hairsine outdoor rinks, free children’s skate/helmet rentals at Hairsine Community Rink
  • Admission discounts up to 20% off of passes at any City of Edmonton sports and fitness facilities
  • Ticket discounts to some professional sports games
  • Option of playing sports on community league teams
  • A voice and a vote on community issues, programs, and services
  • The sense of belonging to your community
  • The opportunity to help strengthen your community
  • Use of a variety of recreational facilities, including playgrounds, spray decks, basketball, and tennis courts
  • Reduced rental rates for our community league hall
  • 25% off at Jubilations Theatre
  • The option to borrow free tools from the Edmonton Tool Library

Cost & Additional Information

Memberships are $25.00, Seniors are $20.00 ( must be done in Person ) if done online cost is $30.00 for everyone

Community Memberships are Valid from Sept 1, 2021- Aug 31, 2022.

A valid Community Membership is *mandatory* when signing up your children for any Community based league activity and/ or sport. You *must* have a membership from the community you live in.”

Hairsine Boundaries Include: Hairsine – Kirkness – Clareview Campus – Ebbers ( Manning Vista )

Hairsine community boundaries