Hairsine – Kirkness – Clareview Campus – Ebbers ( Manning Crossing )

Hairsine community boundaries




Hairsine community will be having a Casino Jan 27 & 28 and we are looking for volunteers to help out. all funds go back to the community league to help run our Soccer program as well as maintain our Community Hall.

Please contact the Casino Director at  if interested in helping your community.

Shifts Available: ( free lunch and dinner included )

Days shifts 9:30 am – 6pm ( duties include chip runner, cashier, and banker )

Evening Shifts 7pm to 4am ( duties include cashier, count room, and general manager)


Indoor Soccer Registration Info

All Registrations now must be done online Communities will no longer be accepting Manual Registrations all must be completed online and then printed.

 Indoor Registration online portal will be open starting July 23, 2016. After going online and Registering you must come to one of the following required confirmation/Payment sessions at the Hairsine Hall to complete the Registration. Aug 11th 6-8pm,  Aug 18th 6-8pm , Sept 8th 6-8pm or  late registration on Sept 17th 11am-2pm. Your Registration is not complete until after coming to the Community. For Fee’s and other info check out our sports page.

A new Community Membership $25.00 must be purchase before or on the day of coming to the hall. ( Memberships expire every Aug  )

Hairsine Community League Financial Statements 2015 – 2016

Here is a link to our reviewed financial statements for the 2015-2016 year. If you have any questions about these please direct them towards our Treasurer at

Hairsine Reviewed Financial Statements 2015-2016

 Kirkness First Place – Kirkness Surplus School Site

Kirkness First place

For more information about the surplus school site, first place housing program, and the public engagement please visit the city of Edmonton website:

Clareview Recreation Center & Library

Visit the Clareview Rec Centers site for more information.
Saturday’s between 6-8 p.m. you can get access the Rec Center for free by showing your Hairsine Membership Card.

If you require a Card please contact April at
Cards are $25.00 each and expire August 31 each year.

Eco Station – Kenndale

The Kennedale Eco Station is now open and is located at 5355 127 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5A, Canada.

Eco Stations are convenient waste drop-off facilities where you can bring electronics and household hazardous waste like paint, batteries and lights bulbs, and anything that does not belong in your garbage.

For more information check out the Kenndale Eco Station webite.


eco station