Hairsine Community consists of the following Communities: Hairsine – Kirkness – Clareview Campus and Ebbers ( Manning Village )

Hairsine community boundaries



Join us for our Festive Celebration on Dec 10th, Our Concession will be open and all proceeds will go back to the Community League.




Neighbourhood Connector

• 4 Vacancies: Abundant Communities ( ACE ), for the communities of Hairsine, Kirkness, Clareview Campus, Ebbers
• Paid Part Time Position

ACE is looking for applicants for the position of Neighbourhood Connector.
A Neighbourhood Connector is a person in the neighbourhood who takes on the role of identifying, mobilizing, encouraging and supporting the Block Connectors. The Neighbourhood Connector nurtures a network of Block Connectors. This is initially a paid part-time position, coordinated and supported by the neighbourhood and its leadership (e.g. community league executive). Your primary focus as the Neighbourhood Connector is to identify a Block Connector on every block in your neighbourhood and to maintain the network.

As part of the Abundant Communities Edmonton Program, ACE works with citizens to:
• Enable relationship building to advance connection and belonging
• Shape community life according to residents’ vision for their neighbourhood
• Build neighbourhood identity and pride through shared ownership and responsibility
• Facilitate local recreation opportunities
• Foster an environment of care for one another
• Reduce social isolation
• Increase safety on the block and in the neighbourhood
• Build the capacity of the neighbourhood to engage with neighbourhood leadership and the City of Edmonton
• More Information from ACE:…/…/abundant-community-edmonton.aspx

As a Neighbourhood Connector, you have:
• Confidence and passion to seek out and enlist a Block Connector from each block in the neighbourhood.
• Leadership ability to direct and motivate Block Connectors to connect with their whole block.
• Tenacity and sufficient organizational skills to engage the entire neighbourhood.
• Boldness and social skills to engage any neighbour.
• Hospitality to convene the Block Connectors for encouragement and “team support”.
• Teaching ability to guide the Block Connectors to competence in initiating conversations.
• Interest in the information collected in conversations, to ensure collection and relevant follow-up action.
• Care, grace and patience to work with all levels of ability and commitment among Block Connectors.
• Communication skills to correspond with Block Connectors, the Support Team and the neighbourhood leadership.

Current Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Check…/…/PoliceInformationCheck.aspx

Interested applicants please submit resume by October 30th 2017 to:

Hairsine Community League Board of Directors
P.O. Box 50096,
Clareview RPO,
Edmonton, Alberta,
T5Y 2M9
Or by email to:


Adults looking for activities you can always check out the Sports and Social Club in Edmonton.



Another great Benefit of being a member of Hairsine Community you now get 25% off  at Jubilations Theatre. When you call to book your tickets just mention you want the corporate rate and the Community you live in with your Number.



Hairsine continues to need donations of skates and helmets to loan to people interested in skating but have no equipment. These items will be kept on site and loaned out only for skating on the Hairsine ice rinks. If you have skates or helmets that are in good shape, please contact Les at to arrange a time to drop them off.

Hairsine Community League Financial Statements 2016-2017

Here is a link to our reviewed financial statements for the 2016-2017 year. If you have any questions about these please direct them towards our Treasurer at

Hairsine Financial Review and Statement for year ending March 2017

 Kirkness First Place – Kirkness Surplus School Site

Kirkness First place

For more information about the surplus school site, first place housing program, and the public engagement please visit the city of Edmonton website:

Clareview Recreation Center & Library

Visit the Clareview Rec Centers site for more information.
Saturday’s between 6-8 p.m. you can get access the Rec Center for free by showing your Hairsine Membership Card.

If you require a Card please contact Renee at
Cards are $25.00 each and expire August 31 each year.

Eco Station – Kenndale

The Kennedale Eco Station is now open and is located at 5355 127 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5A, Canada.

Eco Stations are convenient waste drop-off facilities where you can bring electronics and household hazardous waste like paint, batteries and lights bulbs, and anything that does not belong in your garbage.

For more information check out the Kenndale Eco Station webite.


eco station