Hairsine Community consists of the following Communities: Hairsine – Kirkness – Clareview Campus and Ebbers ( Manning Village )

Hairsine community boundaries


League Board Roles

The League is always looking for energetic and enthusiastic community-minded members who would like to help shape the community of Hairsine, and encourages anyone who would like to become part of such a legacy to join in. Whether you want to bring your expertise, skills and vision to the board or to a committee, or be an event volunteer, you will be welcome.

In return, you will learn valuable leadership, event planning, project management and public relation skills; help build a strong and safe neighbourhood for all community members; and see your vision for what defines a healthy, well-rounded community come to life.

Learn about the various Board positions below. These short blurbs serve as an idea as to how the board functions, but the team is open to all ideas and strategies to achieve the community vision. We value your expertise and advice, and quite frankly, we need them. You report monthly on what you’ve been up to (at least) and commit to being prepared for each board meeting. If fulfilling one of these roles sounds like too much, consider volunteering as a director at large member.

Executive Team

President & Casino Director

Spokesperson for the league and its residents, attender of meetings, public face of the board. People management is your jam. You know what everyone on the board is working on, and get involved as needed. You have a vision for the board and will work to build buy-in with the board and community to execute it.

Casino Director: Let’s be honest: you’re the reason we have money to do fun things. You work very closely with the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission and the board to run events like Casinos. You ensure the necessary paperwork and volunteers are place for these events to operate (we currently host a casino every two years). Ideally, you’ve been through all of this before.

Vice President

The vice president supports the president and steps up when he/she is unable to serve his/her role. You attend meetings in the president’s stead, sign cheques, and perform duties as required. You work behind the scenes with each individual on the board to get stuff done.

Treasurer & Bookkeeper

The buck stops here.  All of the money goes through you: you review and sign the cheques,review statements, deposit funds, and manage the league’s investments. You work with the book keeper to keep records organized and transparent, and report regularly to the board and the community.

Bookkeeper is a paid position and is outsourced to a 3rd party. They will write the cheques. Prepare financial statements. audits to AGLC, Taxes.


You are a detail-oriented soul to be the secretary. You are the first point of contact for inquiries from the community. You create and maintain league documents, including meeting minutes, and organize shared files. You work with other directors to draft grant applications, file society returns, and submit bylaw amendments.


Publicist & Community Garden Director

Develop communications strategies, messaging, promotions, and branding to effectively reach Hairsine residents.  You always know what’s going on in and around the neighbourhood. Opinions about the website and social media, but you are also passionate about reaching those in the community who do not rely on these tools for information. You are the one the media come to when they have questions about the neighbourhood and the league. You are in charge of the Newsletter and sending out 3 times a year.

Social & Program Director

This role serves as the official Hairsine party planner. Community league day, Winter and spring events, Soccer Year ends are in your capable hands.

You’re responsible for ensuring residents of Hairsine are having a good time. You have an outgoing personality and enjoy bringing people together. You’re a problem solver: you seek feedback from residents about what programs they’d like to see, and you figure out how to give the people what they want.

Building Director

You are in charge of maintaining and booking Hairsine Hall. You maintain equipment, book the hall for rentals, administer security codes for building users, make sure the facility is stocked with supplies, and coordinate any repairs approved by the board. Most of the work is outsourced so you would be in charge of  hiring the right person for the right job like grass cutting, ice making, concession workers. You are also in charge of updating the communication boards at Hairsine Park and Kirkness Park.

Fundraiser & Grant Director 

Come up with Fundraising Ideas for the community League and work with other board members and volunteers to create a plan for the idea.

Work with the local governments and the city on preparing Grants for the Community League. Researching grants that may be available for the Community to apply for.

Volunteer & Membership  Director

The volunteer director pairs up eager helpers from the community with those who need a hand.  You know the skills, gifts, and abilities of neighbourhood residents and use that knowledge to help organize people to help run events. Enlist those who are interested in sitting on a committee, and keep track of this precious information. Help out the Casino Director with the volunteers by calling them to ensure they will be attending.

You may organize a door-to-door membership campaign and work with local businesses to sell community league memberships. You attend local events like soccer registration on behalf of the board to promote membership to the community and maintain a database of members.

Sports Director

In charge of registering community players in league sports like Soccer. Working with EMSA or NEZ associations. In Charge of creating a sports budget for each season. Bringing together coaches and organizing the equipment, purchasing equipment. 

Member at Large (2 positions)

Only a one year position that gives a helping hand to other directors when in need. has a voice at board meetings and helps come up with ideas in which the community is looking to grow in. Can step in a role if become vacant


​Stormw​​​ater Management Facilitie​s have a job to do​​: Dec 1, 2022


Think twice. Don’t go on the ice. Dec 15, 2022

You might know them as community ponds, but they are actually working facilities and they aren’t safe for any type of recreation including sledding, skating and walking. 

  • Ice thickness is unpredictable because there are working pipes that keep water continuously flowing beneath the frozen top layer. 
  • Ice depth varies across the whole surface. It might appear thick in some areas, while other areas may have very thin or no ice.
  • It’s difficult to see unsafe ice conditions from the surface.
  • Snow may be covering ice hazards.
  • Water continuously flows beneath the surface, reducing ice integrity.

Hairsine Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal 

Building a Project Vision & Exploring Opportunities

Public Engagement Opportunity!
Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal is coming to Hairsine and planning is underway!


Building a Project Vision & Exploring Opportunites Public Engagement Opportunity!

Visit Engaged Edmonton to uncover the treasures of Hairsine and help shape the future of your neighbourhood and share your feedback until March 31, 2022.

We invite you to share what you treasure most about your neighbourhood and what you think should be improved, enhanced or modified.

From March 18 – 31, 2022, the project team invites you to help us create a Vision and Guiding Principles for Neighbourhood Renewal in Hairsine.

Meet the Project Team
The Project Team will be at various locations along the Treasure Quest at these times. Come meet them to ask questions and share feedback.

Saturday 17, 2022 4-6pm @ the Hairsine Community League 

Please visit for more information.

Clareview Recreation Center & Library

Saturday’s between 6-8 p.m. you can get access the Rec Center for free by showing your Hairsine Membership Card. 

Visit the Clareview Rec Centers site for more information.

If you require a membership Card please contact
Cards are $25.00 each and expire August 31 each year. You can also stop by the Hall during winter skating hours 4-9pm to buy a membership. 

To review our new By-Laws: click here

Looking to help out the Community? want a say on what programs are run at the hall? want to be part of a great board? why don’t you come join us as we are looking for a a few more members to complete our Board. We meet once a month on the 2nd Thursday at the Hall  from 6:30PM – 8:30PM


Hairsine Community League has partnered with the Edmonton Tool Library all members now have access to borrow tools for free thanks to this partnership. Just show your membership and borrow a tool it is that easy!

What is a tool library? 
Tool libraries are like book libraries, but for hand and power tools. They ensure affordable access to tools, provide a space to share skills and knowledge, and maximize the use of tools by lending them to members.

Browse Inventory:

Hours & Location 
1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.Saturday

6 pm-8 pm – Wednesday
Bellevue Community Hall
7308 112 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

For more info check out their website:


Have you heard of The Seniors Home Supports Program? This program was
initiated to support seniors to remain in their own homes longer, independently
and safely. We are a FREE referral service with contacts for companies that do
Snow Removal, Yard Maintenance, Housekeeping, Home Repair & Maintenance, Personal Services
and Moving Help. All the companies have been vetted and we feel comfortable referring them to
community members. If you are looking for a service provider in one of these categories we are your
one-stop- shop. Interested? Give Stacey a call at NESA. 780-944- 7470.

Adults looking for activities you can always check out the Sports and Social Club in Edmonton.


Another great Benefit of being a member of Hairsine Community you now get 25% off  at Jubilations Theatre. When you call to book your tickets just mention you want the corporate rate and the Community you live in with your Number.

Hairsine continues to need donations of skates and helmets to loan to people interested in skating but have no equipment. These items will be kept on site and loaned out only for skating on the Hairsine ice rinks. If you have skates or helmets that are in good shape, please contact Les at to arrange a time to drop them off.

Hairsine Community League Financial Statements – AGM MINUTES

Here is a link to our reviewed financial statements. If you have any questions about these please direct them towards our Treasurer at

To review our year ending 2020 Financial Statement: click here

Hairsine Financial Review and Statement for the year ending March 2017

Hairsine Financial Review and Statement for the year ending March 2018.

Harsine AGM Minutes May 2018

Hairsine AGM Minutes  and Financial Review and Statement for year ending March 2019

Hairsine AGM Financial Review and Statement for year ending March 2021

Eco Station – Kenndale

The Kennedale Eco Station is now open and is located at 5355 127 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5A, Canada.

Eco Stations are convenient waste drop-off facilities where you can bring electronics and household hazardous waste like paint, batteries and lights bulbs, and anything that does not belong in your garbage.

For more information check out the Kenndale Eco Station webite.

eco station