Ice Rinks are now CLOSED –  Unless the weather is -20 ( wind Chill ) or below or +5 or above.

Come out and meet our Concession/Rink Attendant
Normal hours of operation will be Tuesday to Friday 4-9pm, Saturday we are open from 1-9pm and Sunday 12-6pm. ( weather dependent -20 with wind chill or below we will close as well if it is +5 and water pooling on the ice)(Chirstmas Day we are closed )

Always check the facebook page for any closures of the Rink or you can call (780) 475-7356 . If attendant answers the rink is open, If flood lights are on unsually means the rink is open

Hairsine Community operates 2 rinks onsite with a small concession. Please have your skate tags visible or show your Membership.If you do not have tags or a membership, there is a cost of 2.00 a day to skate. Memberships will be available for purchase at the concession cost is 25.00 and it is good until end of Aug 2018

One rink is for skating only ( some sticks may be allowed for younger children) and the other rink is for hockey

Hockey: Every Sat from 7-9pm starting first Sat in December ( Weather and Ice conditions dependent )  drop in fun hockey for ages 14 and up.

Teen Ice Parties happening every Friday evenings from 7-9pm ( Weather and Ice conditions dependent )

Everyone 14 and under is asked to please bring a helmet with them while skating on the rinks. Skating and Hockey is at your own Risk.

We do have limited amount of skates to borrow as well as helmets, pucks and sticks

If wanting to book the rinks for a special event or for a practice for your hockey team please contact
Les at

Members: $25/hour to a maximum of $100/day

Non-Members: $30/hour to a maximum of $125/day

Always check the facebook page for any closures of the Rink

Looking for Indoor Skating the City offers free Public Skating on the following dates/places:

Hairsine continues to need donations of skates and helmets to loan to people interested in skating but have no equipment. These items will be kept on site and loaned out only for skating on the Hairsine ice rinks. If you have skates or helmets that are in good shape, please contact Les at to arrange a time to drop them off or come pick up.