Job Postings for Hairsine Community:



Neighbourhood Connector

• 4 Vacancies: Abundant Communities ( ACE ), for the communities of Hairsine, Kirkness, Clareview Campus, Ebbers
• Paid Part Time Position

ACE is looking for applicants for the position of Neighbourhood Connector.
A Neighbourhood Connector is a person in the neighbourhood who takes on the role of identifying, mobilizing, encouraging and supporting the Block Connectors. The Neighbourhood Connector nurtures a network of Block Connectors. This is initially a paid part-time position, coordinated and supported by the neighbourhood and its leadership (e.g. community league executive). Your primary focus as the Neighbourhood Connector is to identify a Block Connector on every block in your neighbourhood and to maintain the network.

As part of the Abundant Communities Edmonton Program, ACE works with citizens to:
• Enable relationship building to advance connection and belonging
• Shape community life according to residents’ vision for their neighbourhood
• Build neighbourhood identity and pride through shared ownership and responsibility
• Facilitate local recreation opportunities
• Foster an environment of care for one another
• Reduce social isolation
• Increase safety on the block and in the neighbourhood
• Build the capacity of the neighbourhood to engage with neighbourhood leadership and the City of Edmonton
• More Information from ACE:…/…/abundant-community-edmonton.aspx

As a Neighbourhood Connector, you have:
• Confidence and passion to seek out and enlist a Block Connector from each block in the neighbourhood.
• Leadership ability to direct and motivate Block Connectors to connect with their whole block.
• Tenacity and sufficient organizational skills to engage the entire neighbourhood.
• Boldness and social skills to engage any neighbour.
• Hospitality to convene the Block Connectors for encouragement and “team support”.
• Teaching ability to guide the Block Connectors to competence in initiating conversations.
• Interest in the information collected in conversations, to ensure collection and relevant follow-up action.
• Care, grace and patience to work with all levels of ability and commitment among Block Connectors.
• Communication skills to correspond with Block Connectors, the Support Team and the neighbourhood leadership.

Current Police Check and Vulnerable Sector Check…/…/PoliceInformationCheck.aspx

Interested applicants please submit resume by October 30th 2017 to:

Hairsine Community League Board of Directors
P.O. Box 50096,
Clareview RPO,
Edmonton, Alberta,
T5Y 2M9
Or by email to: